Our website design and management expertise.
Imminent Design's staff is highly qualified to design and manage your website. We start by designing a custom professional site, tailored to what your business needs. Next, our designers, data center administrators, and support staff work to manage and upkeep your site 24/7. Finally, enjoy the perks of all-inclusive e-mail and hosting services. If you ever want to update your site, we can do so upon request.


Keeping an online presence, live.

Deciding what you want and need in a site can be difficult and confusing. That's why before any coding begins, we present you with a visual proposal of your site's design. Have a question? Our support staff is only a click or call away. We're here to make your transition to the online world an easy, seamless and fun experience.


Let us help build your business.

We understand that it's essential for your business to be available online whenever, wherever. That's why each site we build is accessible and adaptable to any format or screen - from your smartphone to your desktop.

Behind the Scenes

We know your site and documents need to be ready whenever you need them. That's why at Imminent Design we take every step to ensure your online presence is secure from both physical and cyber damage.


Our network is managed in an Equinix Internet Business Exchange (IBX) data center. Equinix IBX centers lead the industry for physical security, power availability, infrastructure flexibility and customer support.

HVAC System

The IBX center is fitted with a comprehensive HVAC system that delivers constant, ideal air conditions. Air control is critical in maintaining fast, efficient performance for our equipment.


The IBX center is equipped with a combination of hundreds of biometric hand geometry readers. All aspects of the center are monitored and recorded via color, hi-resolution digital video cameras.

Fire Suppression System

A state-of-the-art fire suppression system constantly monitors the physical environment for smoke, chemicals and other hazardous materials that might spark a fire. Water is only released in the area when a sprinkler head has lost its seal and the fire detection system has detected a fire condtion.